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Calamari Rings (8)

Crumbed calamari, deep fried served with sweet chilli sauce.

Chicken Curry Puff (4)

Puff pastry filled with chicken mince, potato, lightly spiced, curry powder. Served with plum sauce

Chicken Wing (4)

Deep filed marinated chicken wings served with sweet chilli sauce.

Dim Sims (4)

Steam marinated pork and prawns mince, water chestnut wrapped with pastry served with Special sauce.

Fish Cake (4)

Fish mince mixed with chilli paste, bean, Thai herbs served with cucumber sauce.

Mixed Entrees (4)

Curry Puff, Fish cake, Spring Roll and Money bag.

Money Bag (4)

Puff pastry filled with chicken, water chestnut, prawn, carrots, coconut and coriander served with sweet and sour plum sauce.

Prawn Dumpling (4)

Steam Combine prawns, garlic, chives, oyster sauce and sesame oil served with special sauce.