Lunch Special

  • Chilli Basil Chicken Minced
    Chilli Basil Chicken Minced
  • Green Curry
    Mild green chilli paste based coconut milk, vegetables and basil.
  • Hokkien Noodle
    Stir fried egg noodles, egg and vegetables.
  • Jungle Curry
    Hot jungle curry without coconut milk with vegetables and Thai spices.
  • Pad Khee Mao
    Stir fried flat noodles with chilli, basil, egg and vegetables.
  • Red Curry
    Mild red chilli paste based coconut milk, vegetables and basil.
  • Chicken Yellow Curry
    Mild yellow Chicken Curry with coconut milk and potato.
  • BBQ Chicken or Beef or Pork (With rice)
    Grilled beef or chicken or pork served with stir fried vegetable with Thai dipping sauce.
  • Cashew Nut
    Stir fried mild chilli jam sauce,. vegetables and cashew nut.
  • Chicken or Beef or Pork Salad
    Grilled chicken or beef or pork, red onion, cucumber, tomato, mint, coriander with salad.
  • Chilli Basil
    Stir fried fresh chilli, garlic, vegetable and basil.
  • Chilli basil Fried rice
    Fried rice with fresh chilli, garlic, egg, onion, tomato, baby corn and basil.
  • Chinese Broccoli
    Stir fried Chinese broccoli with fresh chilli, garlic and oyster sauce.
  • Egg Fried rice
  • Stay Noodle
    Stir fried thin noodles egg, vegetables, topped with peanut sauce.
  • Green Vegetable
    Stir fired mixed green vegetables, garlic and oyster sauce.
  • Massaman Beef
    Mild curry cooked with coconut milk , potato, onion, crushed peanut.
  • Oyster Sauce
    Stir fired oyster sauce with mixed vegetables.
  • Pad See-ew
    Stir fried flat noodles with sweet soy sauce, egg and vegetables.
  • Pad Thai
    Thin rice noodle cooked with egg, tofu, crushed peanut and bean-sprouts.
  • Peanut Sauce
    Stir fried mixed vegetables and peanut sauce.
  • Steamed Mix vegetable with Satay sauce (With rice)
  • Thai Fried Rice
    Fried rice with egg garlic, onion, tomato and baby corn.
  • Thai Omlette with rice